Business Units

Asset Management
We believe that assets are best handled and managed via highly specilialized and experienced investment teams, which always need to be compared against their peers and selected depending on the client`s needs and preferences. This is why we not only rely on the internal Leibniz Group product range, but use a partner network of more then 35 predominantely alternative investment managers that have exceeded investor`s expectations and have chosen to collaborate with us globally. With more then USD 50bln in assets under management, these managers dedicate their efforts to absolute returns across all market cycles and have proven many times that they are cabable to deliver.

Wealth Management

Protecting and enhancing wealth is a complex business. Wealth Management for private clients has been central to the Leibniz Group since inception. Independence lies at the heart of our business and our ability to focus on offering tailor made solutions for each and every client without distractions, and with the partner best suited for any given task. With most of our team members being HNWIs and SHNWIs themselves, having been exposed to the demanding task of managing their own family wealth for decades, putting ourselves in client`s shoes is a straightforward task that always leads to best of breed portfolios with innovative concepts and rare risk/return ratios.

Structuring and Marketing Concepts
The Leibniz Group services intermediary and institutional investors via their pareto optimal product concepts that are always tailored to their explicit needs and interests. We stand side by side with our clients when it comes to the analysis and strucuturing of concepts in order to ensure that the final choice supports the client`s business as well as the end investor and allows for differentiation and superior performance throughout all business cycles and possible events. Together with leading product infrastructure providers we deliver ultra-liquid, ultra-transparent, onshore and offshore, as well as exchange listed investment vehicles that can host the selected strategies. Having built multiple businesses ourselves, we understand what bridges need to be crossed in order to succeed in today`s competitive landscape.

Hedge Fund Advisory
Alternative Asset Managers can dramatically enhance both the value and the distributional/risk-return attributes of a portfolio. Selecting them has always been a challenge. Erstwhile 'winning' business models can (and have been known to) fail as soon as they become fashionable and popular: it is thus vital for investors to be able to detect market-regime changes early, plan their re-allocations in advance, stay flexible across styles, markets and assets, and avoid being monistically fixated on yesteryear's high-fliers, hoping for any given trend to persist ad infinitum. The investment professionals at The Leibniz Group make it their business to help investors become winners, by selecting high-potential alternative investment managers with innovative business models through an industry-leading thought process, combining macro-driven market-regime overlay and hard-core quantitative expertise.