A Few Words About Us

The Leibniz Group unites innovative thinking and provides cross-market and cross-asset investment management to institutional and professional investors worldwide.
With a team of more then 60 people, assets under management and advisory surpassing USD 3 billion, and regulated businesses in multiple EU and non-EU jurisdictions, we service our clients regarding their asset management and wealth management objectives.

We were named after G. W. Leibniz, sometimes called the last universal genius, a German polymath and philosopher, who made deep and important contributions to physics, technology, philosophy, probability theory, biology, geology, psycholigy, linguistics and computer science, who developed calculus independently of and earlier then Isaac Newton.

„Perhaps never has a man read as much, studied as much, meditated more and written more than Leibniz. When one compares the talents one has with those of a Leibniz, one is tempted to throw away one`s books and go die quietly in the dark of some forgotten corner“

Mission Statements

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    Like Leibniz we believe that much of human reasoning can be reduced to calculations of a sort, and that such calculations can resolve many differences of opinion.

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    Like Leibniz we believe in flexible concepts. We are small enough to deal with each and every client with commitment and on an individual basis, but big and connected enough to call upon the requisite resources and skills whenever necessary in order to produce professional solutions.

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    Thanks to our entrepreneurial mentality and the well-developed sense of responsibility, we stay pragmatic and client focused. We communicate openly and honestly and point out weaknesses and strengths of investment opportunities at all times.


"He is a living, walking encyclopedia; you can talk to him about anything" – Managing Principal, [Name Withheld] Multi-Family Office"

"Everything’s happening the way he said it would; he gets it right every time" – UHNW Investor (former client)

"A mathematical genius with a photographic memory who does not suffer fools gladly" – (Former) Head of Strategic Assets, Royal Bank of Scotland